Everything is growing in spite of the deep mulch!!

It’s time to start watering, deep and slow. Everything is growing in spite of the deep mulch!!

So no choice, have to start watering. Best to water with a drip system that can deliver a slow deep watering. For the next two or three weeks, watch the weather, and if overnight frosts are predicted, protect your newly planted berries, grapes, and trees.  My established grapes already have tiny bunches of grapes, the newly planted ones haven’t woke up yet, and I’m hoping they will wait a couple of weeks to avoid any late frosts.

I have cherries too.  This variety,

Dwarf Cherry Carmine Jewel





is one I planted a few years back and was unhappy because it is not grafted and was putting out runners and new plants as much as 10 feet away.  Well, it had blossoms  a month after the nanking cherries, and is just loaded with young cherries. So this year I’ll be digging up runner plants and offering them for sale.





My Amethyst Falls American Wisteria is going to bloom,

and the blue delphinium has several stalks with young buds.


The Victoria Sage is already blooming!!













Wow, I think it’s summer!!

Tell me what’s happening in your garden in comments below!!



12 thoughts on “Everything is growing in spite of the deep mulch!!

  1. AC says:

    I have Romeo and Juliet dwarf cherries and love them. Last year we made the best maraschino cherries with them. I don’t have the one you have. I am looking forward to reading how you like the fruit this year.

    • Oasis Gardeners says:

      I’ll keep you posted, I’m planning to put up a bird net so I don’t have to share with the birds. They are supposed to be a cross between a sweet cherry and a pie cherry in flavor, and a deep purple color. With less juice than the Romeo, so good for drying. Should be interesting, this is the first year they have had fruit.

  2. Tina says:

    Your garden is beautiful! It’s exciting to see that your grapes are starting already. My grape vines are still very young and a strong wind knocked off my developing grapes. I have lots at alliums that I planted that’s fall, asparagus that I planted this spring, and strawberries are beginning to form. My carmine jewel is also covered in cherries. I have several plums and peaches developing as well. It is starting off as a good season but praying for rain!

    • Oasis Gardeners says:

      My asparagus is doing so well, have been having asparagus every other day. And my grape vines are really developing fast!! Sure hope we don’t get a late hard freeze!! So many of my flowers are already finished, the grape hyacinths and regular hyacinths got caught by that frost a week ago and are all gone. My white bleeding heart is still putting out new stems of flowers, and the irises are really blooming heavily this year.
      I didn’t get any plums or peaches, and so far, the everbearing pear hasn’t produced anything, but it is still having blossoms. The rosemary and comfrey are blooming, too.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Lori
    I’m thinking about putting my vegetable seedlings in the ground. I’m I pushing it. We are know for those late frosts. Your thoughts?

    • Oasis Gardeners says:

      It’s that time of year that you put out seedlings and keep the cover ups close by. They may be really early and happy you started them, or they may have to struggle with freezing nights and may not make it. I haven’t been very adventuresome this year, will probably wait until the end of the month to plant my garden. Let us know how your seedlings do..

  4. Sarah says:

    Our strawberries are leafing out already and our river birch trees and ginko tree just put out the prettiest leaves!

  5. Barb says:

    My two new apple trees planted in October are doing well. I have a peony, honeysuckle and two Virginia Creepers, and Lilies of the Valley that I planted last year doing well. Only lived here just over a year so everything is relatively new. Trying hard to stay away of the deer and gophers!

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